Thank you for being such an amazing person and guide for how to rcognize the Blessings and the Magic in all of Life's experiences! How to trust and know that everything is conspiring for our highest and best good if we only choose to believe it and see it for ourselves. Your friendship has brought such Healing and Magic into my life and the lives of so many people. We are all blessed by the gift of your prsence here on Earth.” - Kendra Williams, Atlanta, GA
Jeanie Lemaire is a magnificent Being. Through her heart and her hands she facilitates us to allow ourselves to connect with our oneness.” - Rebecca Ion, Los Osos, CA
I had extreme pain in my shoulder area for 14 months! I was diagnosed with Shingles but the various medications didn't work. When I finally contacted Jeanie, she and I discovered that I had been "shouldering" responsibility since I was 13, when my Dad left. We worked together in several sessions but I noticed immediate relief. In 2 weeks I was off all meds. She helped me 10 yrs. ago also with my recovery from lower back surgery. After a 4 hr. session, I felt like my "old self". By the way, I am 60. I highly recommend working Heart to Heart with Jeanie!” - Patti Hairston, Jackson, MS
The universe has blessed us with unconditional love, support, and encouragement through Jeanie---a gift few of us have ever received, but all deserve.” - With Love, Theresa M. Geimer, Reiki Master, Laurel, MD
As Jeanie’s ex-husband and for-ever friend, I am truly grateful for the personal and spiritual transformation she guided me through, helping me to clear recent and ancient issues I had stored away, which were affecting my life and personal relationships.” - Rich Juarez, San Diego, CA
So many beings on the Planet are now in service to humanity, yet few serve with ALL they are, with as much Wisdom, Compassion, and Enthusiasm as Jeanie Lemaire. She brings life to “Being” human in an enormous, completely individual and authentic way. She totally supports each person she works with in re-claiming their true Self, and in being 100% loving, real, and here. Her metaphors are delightful and insightful, aiding us in seeing ourselves with more gentleness and levity. Jeanie came into my life in 1983 as a great gift and continues to marvel, encourage, and inspire me.” - Rev. Eda Long, Atlanta, GA

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