We have been trained to want certain things in our life; like, family, career, retirement. But we are rarely given all of the tools needed to do and have these things easily. For that, we need to know a little bit more about ourselves and how we view ourselves and life around us. We also need to know that every situation or event has a connection to a Physical action, a Mental consideration and an Emotional contribution. When we want to lose weight and hopefully keep it off, it requires more than physical efforts. We have to plan our strategy and way to execute it. Then we need to “gear up” with the confidence and enthusiasm that will be necessary to complete the task. So often, we do not involve all 3 systems and our goal eludes us. We can end up feeling helpless and unworthy, and maybe even put on some weight.
The tools in this “Living Formula” are experientially presented in both books for you to see where you might fall short of using all 3 systems to their fullest on your behalf.
BENEFITS include:
  1. Having more enthusiasm for life.
  2. Finding out what issues store where in our physical form.
  3. Taking weight off and keep it off more easily.
  4. Reaching your goals more quickly.
  5. Understanding yourself better.
  6. Discovering exactly what duties your Physical, Mental and Emotional systems are supposed to do for you.
  7. Approaching your dreams with more confidence and results.
  8. Liking yourself better.
  9. Making better decisions in life.
  10. Being able to ask for assistance when you actually need it.
  11. Having gratitude for each moment in life for what it is; and, having the courage to change it if necessary.

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