Physical Representative

Has three areas of jurisdiction:
  1. Strength—both inner and outer: Inner strength of conviction and outer strength of movement are related.
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  3. Flexibility—not just in the physical body: When our physical body is stiff or tired, our thoughts and feelings become “stiff and tired” also. Unhappy with your daily routine of life? Bear this in mind: if you can get more flexible and mobile physically, your other members can pick up on this flexibility. The bonus gift in freeing yourself up physically is that you end up with more options mentally and emotionally as well.
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  5. Trust—invisible yet visible: Although trust is an invisible trait, it shows up “visibly” through the connectedness of thoughts, words, and actions. In other words, each of us has to see that our “words and actions” match, so that we can trust ourselves and, in so doing, know when to trust others.
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