Mental Representative

Has two “skill sets”:  
  1. Information Processing: The mind is great for making plans and sorting through data and details. But all data is brought to us outside of this given moment. What most people don’t realize is that the mental body is not designed to carry judgment, negativity, limitation, or curtailment. These unsupportive thoughts occur when our mind decides to “answer for” our physical or emotional systems.
    For example, as a massage therapist, I have often asked a client, midway through a session, if they need to use the restroom. The response is most often, “I don’t think so” (the mental member responding). To which I answer, “Why don’t you ask your physical body if it needs to pee?” More often than not, the answer then is, “I could use the bathroom!” This is just one example of our mental nature overriding our physical and emotional “knowingness.”
  2. -
  3. Support: Because our thoughts are “always” outside of this moment, the mental is the only system that can support us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The mind designed to remind us of our personal worth—all of the time. It has the capacity to support us in the use of our time, finances, and activities. It can help us to take better care with our eating and rest periods by seeing that we include these items in our schedule. It can even support our ability to expand into new projects and take risks, whether we reach our goal or not.

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